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Dr. Hubsher was voted the #1 Favorite Kids' Doc out of all doctors, in all specialties, in all of Morris County!

We are so proud of Dr. Hubsher for this accomplishment. We thank all the many parents who voted for Dr. Hubsher in this overwhelming show of support and appreciation.

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Really Helping Children, Adolescents and Adults with ADHD, Mood & Behavior Issues

You are concerned!

You get distracted too easily, you just can't focus and it is causing problems. Your family gets frustrated with you, or maybe your boss is getting upset with you. You promise to take care of things, but you just can't get yourself organized and you just don't get around to it. People don't take you seriously. You feel like you are drowning...


You have been stressed lately and have not been handling things well. You're anxious, or even depressed, feeling overwhelmed. You can't enjoy your children. Everything feels like a burden. You feel like things are spiraling out of control...


Your child's behavior is out of control. Your home has become a battlefield and you don't know what to do...


Your child is not succeeding at school and you know he can do better. You are getting calls from teachers, homework is an ordeal and his grades are dropping. You think he might have ADD or ADHD, or a learning disability, but you can't be sure...


Your child is just not fitting in or not getting along with other kids, or you are concerned about who your child is hanging around with, or you are concerned about his social development. Is it a social problem? Is it poor self-esteem? Does he have Asperger's?


Your child seems depressed, stressed out or overwhelmed. It's not getting better and you are getting concerned...


Your teenager has an 'attitude' and you can't break through. He is getting involved with the wrong kids or with things he shouldn't be. You are worried about drugs, or just bad decisions...


Your teenage daughter is overly concerned with her appearance and her weight, and you are worrying she has an Eating Disorder. Or she is depressed or anxious or cycling out of control. Is it that Childhood Bipolar Disorder you've heard about?

These are the concerns of many who come to us for help.

We devote ourselves to
Helping You and Your Child!
Really Helping!

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